Fernando de Noronha photography trip.

Welcome to one of the most beautiful Islands on Earth. The 21 island archipelago of Fernando de Noronha is a paradise of incredible beauty. It’s located in the Atlantic, 525km from Recife and 350km from Natal, and it was listed as a Natural World Heritage Site by Unesco. Noronha is also one of the most fabulous places for diving. Its clear and warm waters contribute to excellent visibility. Once there, you will love observing its beautiful marine life of corals, dolphins (the highest known concentration of resident dolphins in the world), turtles, and sharks. For the islands to continue to preserve their nature, the amount of visitors is limited, and you have to pay an environmental preservation fee to enter the island.


March 27th to April 1st 2023





  • Disconnecting from everyday pressures.
  • Meeting and learning from professional photographers and locals.
  • Taking amazing pictures of the beauty of the islands, especially sunrise and sunset.
  • Enjoying the gastronomy of the region and the festive nature of Brazilians.
  • Doing some trekking, enjoying nature, and incredible views along the way.
  • Boating tours and snorkelling.
  • Having fun, reconnecting and recharging with like-minded fellow travellers.


Once you get to Fernando de Noronha, you’ll be delighted with a spectacular welcome and reception at Bar dos amigos. There, you’ll experience one of the most incredible sunsets on the island. Dinner will take place at Pico Noronha, with delicious gastronomy from a French chef on the island.

We start the day early in the morning to catch the sunrise and do some bird watching during starting mastering, so wildlife photography skills. We continue the day by getting to know and swim in the second most beautiful beach in the world: Praia de Sancho. Lunch will take place at Posada Maravilha. Sunset at Bode beach for practicing photo landscaping and enjoy the view. At night, we’ll enjoy a gastronomic festival at Ze Maria. The most celebrated restaurant on the island. You will see why.

This Morning we’ll see the island from the sea. We’ll embark on beautiful boating along the island. During the afternoon we’ll have a guided tour with a professional photographer who will share his secrets with us. We’ll end up with sunset at Igrezinha and dinner at Mesa da Ana.


This morning will be free for no divers. But for those who dive, there will be an optional diving trip to the fantastic and preserved waters of Fernando de Noronha. In the afternoon, an underwater photographer will share his secrets on how to take better underwater pictures. We will end up with sunset at Cazimba and dinner at Pousada.

In the morning we will offer a canoe trip to watch the sunrise for the last time on the island. Then we’ll have time to chill out before lunch that will be served in Cacimba Bistro. After that, check out and end of the trip.

Your guide

Javier Rodriguez

He is a multicultural citizen of the world and an certified travel photographer By the Institute of Photography of New York. He has an adventurous spirit and a passion for capturing and grasping the beauty of this world, knowing people and different cultures and leaving a positive legacy. After 27 years working in marketing and sustainability for big multinational corporations, he decided to devote a big part of his life to travel and photographing the world. In each one of the trips that he guides you, you can count on his optimism, his experience in sharing knowledge and key places of each location and his eye and tips for taking amazing photos.. he speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and basic French.

$ 2500


Airplane ticket Recife-Noronha-Recife.

Transportation for 5 days.

Boat rent with food and beverages for one morning.

Hotel for 4 nights on double room accommodation.

Guide and photographer for 5 days Passagem Recife-FEN-Recife.

All breakfasts are included.

Guided tours with professional photographers.

Trekking tours.

Operation fee.

Fernando de Noronha
photography trip prices.

Our program is five days and four nights in Fernando de Noronha, and the full price of the all-included tour is 2000$ per person (at an exchange rate of 6. reais per dollar).


Not included:

  • Airline transportation to Recife.
  • Scuba diving trip.
  • Canoe tour.
  • Lunch and dinner.
  • Any kind of alcohol or snacks or food beyond breakfast.

Please send your confirmation and all appearing questions to – Javier (English, Spanish Portuguese) WhatsApp +17865933621

Deadline for decision and prepayment (100%) is September 1st. 

Prepayment becomes non-refundable two weeks before the tour starting date.


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