About Us

Global destinations for a life changing experience.

Discover our meaningful photography trips.

Bhutan, Nepal and Himalayas, Fernando de Noronha and Camino de Santiago among others to come . We have selected these destinations to create unforgettable experiences for our guests based on our own life experiences.

These are all places we have visited and that we believe can be also an experience of a lifetime for you.

To enjoy your photography trip to the fullest, we’ll be delighted to share with you all of our expertise in the culture and history of these places. At the same time, you’ll enjoy taking photos of mind-blowing landscapes and incredible cultural events .

We are certified travel photographers, and we’ll be delighted to show you the tricks and tips to take stunning pictures.

Our Staff

We are a time of passionate people that love travel photography and get involved into meaningful experiences that help us and others to reconnect with our true selves, discover new places and learn new things that will accompany us through their lifetimes. We care for each one of our fellow travelers and that is Why we work only with small groups to give them full attention. We work with top tour operators that are the best on what they do and we have experienced the quality of Their service ourselves.

Javier Rodriguez

He is a multicultural citizen of the world and an certified travel photographer By the Institute of Photography of New York. He has an adventurous spirit and a passion for capturing and grasping the beauty of this world, knowing people and different cultures and leaving a positive legacy. After 27 years working in marketing and sustainability for big multinational corporations, he decided to devote a big part of his life to travel and photographing the world. In each one of the trips that he guides you, you can count on his optimism, his experience in sharing knowledge and key places of each location and his eye and tips for taking amazing photos.. he speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and basic French.

Alena Narcheva

Being originally Russian, Alena is a professional nomad and traveler. Since 2012, she has been organizing and guiding travelling groups twice a year. Throughout all these years, she accumulated a substantial amount of knowledge and experience with the local culture. Starting from 2006, Alena is a practicing Buddhist of Karma Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Therefore her interest and deep connection to Himalayan culture have a practical nature. Mostly in her travel, she concentrated on pilgrimage sites and religious aspects of culture, as well as many stories, legends and narratives. She speaks Russian and English.