What to carry with you as a travel photographer. Top 10 items.

When packing for your trip, you want to make sure that you have the right equipment, so you are prepared in case of any eventuality, and you have all you need to make the best of any moment. After several trips and learning from our mistakes, we came up with this list of things.
That we believe are fundamental for a travel photographer. We tried not to make the list exhaustive and the selection not too heavy, understanding that all of us prefer to travel light. So here it is:

1. DSLR camera (digital single-lens reflex)


Canon and Nikon are preferred options. Model is not that important although the more modern, the better. Here some options.

For beginners: Canon EOS 800D Nikon D5600 Canon EOS 250D. All of these models give you a right balance of giving you much better image quality than your phone can muster, while hopefully not being too overwhelming when you’re just at the beginning of your photography journey.

If you are an intermediate photographer Nikon D500 Canon EOS 7D Mark II and the Canon EOS 90D, These are superb all-rounders which can handle different kinds of subject – perfect for the hobbyist. If you want to consider diverting from the two big hitters, take a look at the

2. Lenses


The one that comes with the kit of the camera that is typically an 18 55 mm and then a telephoto. Could be a 70 200 mm or 70 300 mm to name a couple. This lens is critical as you will see not only for zooming closer but also for wildlife portraits and many other types of photography. If you only want to take one and you are willing to invest on it, I suggest an 18 to 135 mm lens which gives you both the wide-angle and the ability to zoom in just one lens. May I recommend that you bring with your lens a rubber lens hood? This will add protection from light to your picture and will allow you even to take pictures from a glass window without reflexes.

3. Tripod


Travel with a light one. It will be necessary for low light, night photography and some other occasions where you need a stable base for your camera. My recommendation is MEPHOTO, very light and easy to carry.

4. Adaptor


Try to get one that is international so you can convert current in any country in the world.

5. At least 2 batteries for the camera and charger


Make sure that you have spare batteries for the camera and a charger with multiple entries so you can charge several at the same time.

6. A computer or a Harddrive


You will need a device to download your pictures. My recommendation is to take a light computer with you and download pictures every day so you will always have a copy of them. And the computer is much better because you can easily manipulate and select the pictures that you want to keep and even edit them and post-producing them if you have time. Remember to bring a USB cable with you or an SD Eyefi wifi card to download the content.

8. 4 memory cards of 8 GB


As you will be shooting a lot, you want to make sure you have enough memory that you are not limited in the number of pictures that you are taking. My recommendation is to have many as opposed to one big one. So you don’t put all eggs in the same basket.

9. A lens cloth


To clean your lenses and camera.

10. Filters, bring a set of 3 filters


One UV, one ND and one CP. It will help in the quality of your pictures and will protect your lenses.

11. A backpack


There are many options here. Find something light with lots of compartments so you can accommodate a tripod and extra lens as well as battery. Chargers and a computer. My favourite is Lowepro ProTactic BP 350 AW II.

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