A life changing trip to Magical Bhutan

In October 2018 I traveled to Bhutan and this trip fundamentally changed my life and became a blessing in so many ways . In short I re-discovered my passion for nature an sustainability , for photography , for traveling with likeminded people and for learning about new places , cultures , people and religions in such a way that I decided to create a company call Life is a photo trip to invite other people to live this kind of experiences around the world.

Each one of the 14 days that I spent in Nepal and Bhutan was better than the previous one. I discovered myself traveling happy, curious, alive, intensively present, alert and interested in everything and everybody that was around me .Of course all was planned in this sacred tour, but I did not know what it was going to be about in detail , what new discovery, angle or place I was going to be in . This naturally fed my sense of adventure, exploration . and discovery and gave me an everyday excitement that kept growing day by day

But apart from the tourist rush of discovering new places and people, something else happened.

Bhutan and Nepal put me in contact with myself also as an spirit and allow me to value more the present moment , don’t hold resentments against people or the past, Be thankful of all the blessings that Mother Nature and people around you make possible every day , and have gratitude for the love you give and the love that you receive.

An encounter with death. To be honest I never had such a close encounter with death as I had in this trip. When in Kathmandu, we went to visit a cremation place for both Hindus and Bhuddists. In this ritual, the family of the dead person gathers around him and after praying for him and celebrate his life they set fire to his body and let him go into the river. This was for me a very confronting experience, to see the body of the person on fire right in front of my eyes. A sign of impermanence. Our bodies are here today but they will eventually be reduced to ashes literally.

A Lama Teaching that changed everything . When in Kathmandu, we visit a Buddhist temple and there was a Lama there giving teachings to both local and foreign people with a translator. When asked for clarification of his teaching by a Canadian person , he summarized all his speech in 4 words. Let go and Lets go. A profound reflection that carries with it a deep meaning of letting go anything that holds you and you are attached to or that you hold grudges about and let’s go meaning moving forward and take action to create a better future . This is so true for many of us when we try to hold to the past or to be right or to be wrong instead of letting that go.

A moment of gratitude with life at a Stupa in Bhutan . When in Bhutan , we were received by some of the members of the royal family who hosted us in a very nice ceremony to thanks a couple of my tour friends who have funded a stupa for the royal family. In short, Stupas are religious structures containing relics that are used as places of meditation . In Buddishm , there is an important devotional practice called pradakshina or circumambulation by which you walk around the stupa in a meditative mood . Well ,we all did that after our ceremony and I had an amazing moment walking around the Stupa where I started feeling that I was one with everything and everybody and I was totally present with nature life and people . I can only describe this as a moment of spiritual elevation . A moment in which I was absolutely certain of my spiritual nature and I cried for several minutes in joy and gratitude.

Intense Love for People, nature and life . This trip allowed me not only to reconnect with myself but also to love without limits , by been present and always open to possibilities and open to be surprise and to admire every moment with the energy of a little kid that is discovering the world . I keep in my memories in a very special place this energy of love, admiration and curiosity and have chosen to follow that energy wherever I go in life.

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